Friday, July 13, 2012

Thousands of Yahoo & Gmail Password Hacked by Hackers!

Thousands of Yahoo & Gmail Password Hacked by Hackers! Yahoo, Medium conduct investigations

You, and we've all been using yahoo?, But do you know if the recent Yahoo! Inc., which is the operator ex. largest search portal in the United States said that a total of approximately 450,000 accounts stolen user name and password (read: hacked by the hackers) from one service site? From now on you should pay attention to "Your Yahoo! Password Security". --> Read More

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hermit Crab Info For Crustacean Enthusiasts

By Marguerite Stanton

Those looking for hermit crab info will likely be surprised with what they find. Hermit crabs are very interesting crustaceans. They are incapable of growing their own shells, therefore they scavenge for empty shells from other creatures in which to live.

Individuals planning to keep such creatures as pets will discover that they are not expensive, and provide fun and enjoyment for their owners. When the proper steps are taken, their care is not a difficult process. Even when taken from their normal ocean habitat, they can live long lives if quality care is provided.

When selecting a shell for the creature, one must consider both the shell's size and lining. The latter should be smooth yet thick, and free of any abrasive edges that may damage the creature's body. It is also important to understand that as the crustaceans grows, new housing must be provided in the form of a larger shell.

Despite their name, the aforementioned crabs are not at all reclusive in their normal habitat. Such crustaceans are known to congregate in groups of 100 or more. For this reason, some individuals decide to purchase more than one.

The size of the aquarium one selects will depend on the number of creatures that it will house. As a general rule, a 10 gallon aquarium for one crab is a good reference point at which to start. To comfortably house two, the pet owner should purchase an aquarium between 15 and 20 gallons in size. It is important, however, to refrain from purchasing more crabs than one can care for properly.

The floor of the tank should be lined with up to 3 inches of sand. Crustacean-friendly sand can typically be found in pet stores and hardware stores. However, basic playground sand is also appropriate if the latter is not available. A large water filled shell or bowl should be placed in the tank so that the crab can swim at will. Most hermit crab info sources state that this is an important part of the crustacean's habitat. When given proper care, the aforementioned creatures will offer enjoyment to their owners for many years.

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